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IllusionPs recently released Custom Server with lots of Unique Content, Ideas and so much more in the process every day! -From Custom Bosses to Custom Minigames, We offer a Scaled Progression Gear System balanced to keep you wanting more! -We are always open for more Suggestions and have Daily Updates for our Community, as well as Events/Activities for Every player, New or Old, Fun never stops here at IllusionPs! We try as hard as possible to keep Everyone satisfied with the server, We are here to Provide a Safe and Fun playing environment where You can be Yourself! Features!!: (but not limited to) -Hundreds of custom items, Capes, Swords, Axes, GUNS?!?! Weapons and Armor galore! -Custom minigames- Includes: Marvels Raid- Take out the Elite Defenders of Earth in hopes to acquire some Ultra Rare Gear! We/ve got Elite Void for anyone who loves a good rewarding grind at Pest Control. It has been Re-Worked to fit into the Custom aspects of the server, But be warned; This is not a grind for the faint of heart  Or perhaps You want to call it a night? That sounds like an XP Waste, So why not come on down to the AFK zone so your character can do all the hard work while You/re dreaming! Earn XP and get them gains overnight without lifting a finger! -Custom bosses- Help Your fellow players Defeat intense bosses that hold some of the most precious Treasures You can only dream of! Traverse the Abyss and take on the Shadow Lord for some of the Rarest gear, Want to hold the power of darkness between your fingers? Trust Me, It/s awesome! -Multi bosses, Solo NOT Recommended, These are the Toughest of the tough, Bring some Food, You/ll Need it. -Daily updates- Join our Active Staff and Owners as they shape this into one of the most spectacular Servers! -Fully working skilling- -Stackable skilling supplies- -Custom slayer- -Gambling- $ -Custom teleport interfaces- -Alot of textured items- -Upgrade NPC. -24/7 Running VPS. -Alot of different zones to explore!

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